Murgia Sound 2016

Rosalba Santoro Duo
Sagra del Fungo Cardoncello e del Vino Novello


On 28th and 29th July at Swabian Castle in Gravina in Puglia the first edition of Murgia Sound 2016 starts with a live gig by 99 Posse + Live Rock Contest #BandEmergenti.

99 Posse are on tour with their “Il tempo. Le parole. Il suono” (“Time. Words. Sound”), the new album of the Neapolitan band containing sixteen brand new songs resulting from collaborations with other Italian artists like Enzo Avitabile, Rocco Hunt, lo Stato Sociale, Valerio Jovine, Mama Marjas, Andrea D’Alessio and Speaker Cenzou. It marks the beginning of a new musical season – that however does not ignore the old one, think about their debut album “Curre curre uagliò” – with an album that contains the mature experiences of a band on stage for 25 years. No patterns, nor boundaries, just 99 Posse!

To open the Murgia Sound 2016 it has also been decided to organize a contest with local emerging bands. On 29th July eight bands will play live and the most voted will win a prize of 300 euros.

The project originates from the synergy between the local Patron Festivities Committee “San Michele Arcangelo” and the young town association “Inside”. The event is sponsored by the City of Gravina in Puglia and the “Ettore Pomarici Santomasi” Foundation.

REGULATION: To enter the contest just post by Sunday, July 24th 2016 on the event page a video of a live performance of the band (cover songs, published or unpublished tracks) specifying: band’s name, genre and names of the components with the hashtag #BandEmergenti.

The service includes drums, amplifiers, microphones, lights, stage. 15 minutes will be given between all single shows for the setting up and removal of the instruments and for the sound-check. The selection of the 8 bands participating to the conte犀利士
st will be by the town association “Inside” and the Patron Festivities Committee “San Michele Arcangelo”.
The event night the band winning the prize money consisting in 300 euros will be chosen by two juries, one professional the latter popular, that will express their preference by Insides’ exhibition stand.


♦ 28th July: entry 5 euros + dj set by Tommy Chicco + 99 Posse live gig + Gastronomy & San Miguel Beverage + gadgets

♦ 29th July: free entry + Contest with local emerging bands + Gastronomy & San Miguel Beverage

Here are the points for the ticket sale, cost 5 euros. Showing the ticket at the entrance to the concert you will get the purchase receipt:

London drink via Matteotti 28, Gravina in Puglia
Gallery pub via A. Punzi 38, Gravina in Puglia
Oasis Hemp via A. De Gasperi 121, Gravina in Puglia
Bistrot via Moles 78/80, Gravina in Puglia
Degù Piazza Duomo 16, Altamura
Outlet Sport Matera via Roma 12, Matera
Bar Matrix via martiri di via Fani, Binetto

For more information please call +39 333 4740518 (Michele) or +39 340 5904784 (Alfio)