Mondo Beat Festival

Festa de l’Unità (Democrats’ Annual Convention)

Mondo Beat Festival


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If we imagined a parallel between the attractions of Gravina in Puglia and the world of music, we could define the town on Murgia plateau as the perfect mix of sounds and harmonies with a magic groove of bpm spreading among deep ravines and ancestral caves of the wild Murgia. Gravina in Puglia, with its picturesque landscapes, is the natural setting to celebrate the “Mondo Beat Festival – Festival of Places” and to “vibrate with electricity” the whole area. #vibradicorrenteelettrica – Festival of Places, now in its third edition, was conceived with the ambition of animating the most fascinating and often forgotten places in Gravina. Vibradicorrenteelettrica is the Festival of Places, because it is in the places that citizens become a Community. The architecture and the environment around us is as good as the people, as they are expression of desires, passions, will, always telling new stories. From 20th to 22th July musicians and artists from different musical scenes, cartoonists and vintage exhibitors will meet and give energy to the forgotten places of the town in order to create an original synesthetic experience; we will feel the colours, we will see history and future, we will enjoy sounds and vibrations.
20th July_Cavato San Marco – Free entry
ore 21:00 NEERA
ore 22:00 Inude

21th July _Rione Fondo Vito – Free entry
ore 21:00 Teta Mona FEAT. Prince Jaguar

22th July _Parco Robinson (Via Dante) – Free entry
ore 21:00 LELAND DID IT
ore 22:00 Godblesscomputers
ore 23:00 Harptical

After Party_Selva Novantanove – Entry 5€
ore 00:00 Ruff Stuff
ore 02:00 Bress Underground